If you are a land owner and have a slice of property you feel might give others a sense of wonderment, escape, freedom, solitude and peace? Whether it be a commercial farm, hobby farm, horse ranch, vacant land, rural or semi rural why not share a small part of it? Co-host with us by having one (or several) of our pre-built tiny houses positioned where you want it and earn additional rent revenue.

You supply the site/s and we supply On & Off Grid Tiny Houses and set them up so they’re ready for short stays. We even administer the calendar and keep you up to date about who is coming and when. We have a very simple process which can quickly result in you receiving additional income. 

Do you like meeting fun people who have an interest in experiencing your environment? You can have as little or as much to do with meeting people and operations as you like. We’re flexible and are happy to arrange or change parameters so they suit your unique needs and wants.

Contact us now as ‘It doesn’t cost to ask’… and we’d love a chat with you.

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Sunny Tiny Houses Pty Ltd
45 Swanton Drive Mudgeeraba,
Queensland 4213, Australia

Phone: +61 (0) 40 110 1178


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