The Byron, is based on the most popular Tiny House design internationally. The classic combination of gable and skillion roofs has achieved such popularity for several reasons - not least of which is that it is simply gorgeous. A very handy length at just under 6m enables the Byron to be deployed in places where the larger tinys cannot manage. Once inside the gable roof provides a 3m ceiling height which amazes all comers. The skillion roof above the loft is both an attractive contrast to the gable and efficient because it amplifies the ceiling height in the spacious loft bedroom.


The features:

  • Spacious living room with polished ceilings and natural pine floors.
  • The Byron is all natural materials and so seems to earth us within its environment.
  • Large windows and glass pane doors invite light in and wrap you in the great outdoors.
  • Plenty of room in the kitchen for all your needs – in our display house we installed a convection oven to make a microwave redundant. And the view while you are prepping tucker is, well, whatever you want it to be.
  • Plenty of room upstairs for a King – or a Queen with bedside tables. The vantage from the breezy and romantic loft bedroom just makes the views even better.
  • A bathroom with sufficient space for a full size vanity, full size shower recess and full size toilet.


*Prices are before delivery & GST.


AU$24,990.00 Regular Price
AU$22,990.00Sale Price
    1. To make your dream to go Tiny even easier we decided we’re offering the Byron with a very easy DIY build option. The Byron can be built by two people with basic tools in 3 – 4 days. Several of our clients have managed this already. Think of it as a big IKEA project for one handy person and a helper with a few basic tools. 
    2. The milled and pre-cut timber of our Byron tiny houses is tongue and groove with interlocking end sections that are numbered and easily slot into each other. A few taps with a rubber mallet at each end fixes each section in place. Place the prefabricated window frames and door frames in the spaces provided and simply build your walls around them. 
    3. Threaded bars are inserted through the wall sections and, once a wall section is complete, a threaded bar is inserted through the pre drilled holes and tightened with bolts at either end to squeeze and lock the wall section and window frames in situ for good. A colourbond roof with flashing and roof barges (all cut to size) cover the roofing insulation and sarking. All these materials and much more are provided in the Byron DIY build kit.
    4. If you’re too busy or not confident to piece it together yourself we can project manage the process to lock up stage for you.
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