FAQ - Sunny Tiny Houses

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sunny Tiny Houses have a DIY Kit inclusions list?

Yes we do. It lists out the size of the flat pack plus all the extra materials, pre-fabricated & pre-finished parts we will deliver to you. You will need a forklift to unload the truck when it arrives. For a copy of the DIY Kit inclusions list please email us at hello@sunnytinyhouses.com.au or use our contact page on our website.

What are the dimensions of the Byron Tiny House model?

6 metre long x 2.5 metre wide x 3.6 metre high (no trailer). With trailer 4.3 metre high.

What does the Byron Tiny House weigh?

That is up to you and will depend on your fit-out design and equipment inclusions.

What would the trailer weigh?

That also depends on what you want. If your dream is to live tiny and enjoy the minimalist lifestyle then your fit-out, storage and equipment needs will reflect your philosophy. You’ll be choosing a 3.5tonne rated trailer which could weigh as little as 600 kg. However if you want to pack your tiny house to the gills with an extensive fit-out and heaps of storage then you’ll need a 4.5tonne rated trailer which will weigh about 800kg.

Is the delivery cost included in the purchase price?

We deliver nationwide and overseas so we cannot possibly absorb those costs.

Is the trailer included with the Byron DIY kit?

No the trailer is not included. We do provide the trailer design for your selected trailer builder to build from. The trailer build cost will be approx $7000 and should take about 3 weeks.

Does the Byron DIY model need to be built on a trailer?

No, other than a trailer the Byron can be built on a skid or on a cement slab.

How much space do I need to build a Byron DIY Tiny House?

We’d recommend the build area is at least 80sqm and flat.

Does the Byron DIY kit include interior fit-out materials and equipment?

The Byron DIY kit does not include cabinetry, kitchen or bathroom equipment, electrical or plumbing. Look at this as your chance to make your tiny house reflect your personal tastes and needs.

Is the Byron DIY kit ON or OFF Grid?

It can be either, or both, that’s up to you to decide what best suits your dream. Our display model is ON Grid and includes all the bells & whistles because it was built to become a metropolitan AirBnB / Stayz address. If you want ON Grid we can supply most of the layout design for you.

Is the Byron Tiny House on Wheels road legal?

With on-trailer dimensions of 7.3m long (including drawbar) x 2.5 m wide x 4.3m high your Byron is street legal. Keep an eye on your weights and vehicle towing capacity you’ll be okay.

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow my Byron tiny house?

That depends on your fit-out and what you put/store inside. If you have a 3.5 tonne or less load then a large 4WD vehicle like Ranger, Landcruiser or Rangerover can manage it. If you choose to go heavier with the 4.5 tonne load then you’ll need a Ford F series or RAM to tow it. Hiring a specialist tow vehicle to move it is surprisingly affordable as you’ll not be moving it more than twice a year – if that.

Where does the grey and black water waste go?

That again is up to you. As with caravan parks usually the grey water will flow through a 5 metre hose to a nearby bush or ditch. Black water can be treated in various ways: cartridge toilet, composting toilet, or for more permanent situations, it can be plumbed to a septic tank or sewer.

Is finance available?

We have a relationship with a National Agency called Credit One. You simply complete one of our credit application forms. You can even apply for more than purchase amount to assist with e.g. the trailer, build and fit-out costs.

Is council approval possible?

If you decide to go with a tiny house ‘on wheels’ you can avoid the necessity in many councils to apply for approval. More and more councils are addressing the needs for more affordable housing so the forecast for tiny houses is ‘Sunny’ (excuse the pun). If you find yourself in a difficult council region then consider that State legislation relating to movable dwellings supersedes council regulations. More likely than not your State legislation will be easier to get along with than a difficult council and State laws trump council regulations. Plan B would be transport your tiny house to a property with different zoning or to a friendlier council region.

Can I insure my Sunny Tiny House?

Yes you can and, if you want, we can help you find the ideal company for your insurance needs.