DIY Build - Sunny Tiny Houses

The Byron can be built by two people with basic tools in 10 days

To make your dream to go Tiny even easier we decided we’d offer the Byron with a very easy DIY option. Think of it as a two week IKEA project for two handy people with a few basic tools. The milled and pre-cut timber of our Byron tiny houses is tongue and groove with interlocking end sections that are numbered and easily slot into each other. A few taps with a rubber mallet at each end slots each in place. Place the prefabricated window frames in the spaces provided. Once a wall section is complete a threaded bar is inserted through the pre drilled holes and tightened with bolts at either end to squeeze and lock the wall section and window frames in situ for good. To make your build even more straightforward we supply many parts completely pre-fabricated or pre-finished including:

  • All 7 pine window frames
  • Heavy duty pine ladder
  • Double front door & bathroom door frames
  • The actual double front & bathroom doors
  • The double front door comes to you pre-hung inside its frame
  • All the ceiling boards are pre-varnished
  • 7 roof trusses

They are so easy to construct, weather proof and leave you with a gorgeous pine finish. Though designed to go on a trailer the Byron can also be erected on a relocatable skid or permanently on a cement slab.

If you’re still not confident to piece it together yourself, as it’s extremely DIY friendly, it means you can hire someone to very cost effectively put it together for you.

The wall sections are numbered for easy placement. 2 rubber mallets, 1 nail gun, and a couple of spanners did most of the work. The Sunny Tiny House Support Team are just a phone call away.

Sustainable materials

The pine our tiny houses are made from is imported from Sweden where the cultured forest assets are expanding faster than they are being used. This means you get that tremendous Scandinavian finish with the knowledge it was responsibly sourced.

There's no doubt about it...


Building your own Tiny Dream = A Great Sense of Satisfaction!