About Us - Sunny Tiny Houses

Why Tiny? Why Us?

They're super attractive

Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOW) are a delightful and practical addition to virtually any property but the concept represents so much more. Sure, after building our first one, our team fell in love with it – it was just adorable. No matter where we towed it we got honks and waves. Wherever we parked it a crowd formed. Wherever we located it our Byron Tiny House actually enhanced the surrounding scenery. We were quite surprised by the overwhelming volume of positive reactions. We were thrilled and became convinced that our Tiny Houses on Wheels certainly had a special magic. And that is why we felt it should be called the Byron.

Tiny Houses are incredibly practical

However that is not why we began to design and build them. Our motivation came from our families and friends and families of friends. We became aware of so many situations, opportunities and problems so many contacts had. The common denominator was that all could be solved with one solution – a Tiny House on Wheels.

  • Build an affordable granny flat for a teenager or millennial to live in
  • A unique guest house for all those visitors coming to stay
  • An additional revenue for your AirBnB & Stayz business
  • An economical housing solution until you can afford to build your permanent house


Sure Tiny Houses on Wheels are attractive and practical, there’s no argument and we were convinced we should consider investing our time and money in a Tiny House project of sorts. It was then, when we discovered how much more Tiny Houses could do for our communities and how much they could do to improve sustainability that we became indoctrinated to the cause.